Spotify Playlist - Part 4

Our weekly playlist is here!
Each week we will be picking a theme and creating a BTS playlist around it. These are going to be eclectic never been seen before playlists plus our playlist team will be giving some extra reasons why they wanted to add their particular song.

A Vibrant playlist

After the release of EGO, there was one word on the lips of the BTS Radio UK playlist team and that word was ‘vibrant’. It is also one of the best words to describe our Hobi, so this week’s theme is based exactly on that.

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So What chosen by ARMY

Michayla - this song means a lot to me personally, so I was ecstatic that it won this week’s poll. ‘So What’ makes me feel alive! I have danced along with ARMY at the O2, Wembley and Stade De France to this song and I cannot express how much I love it. This song makes me feel like I could take on the world and have fun while doing it and BTS always look like they’re having fun while performing it. A fantastic, upbeat track that is certainly vibrant!

Onomey - So What is a great song for me personally as its the song that motivates me whilst I’m on a run or when I’m feeling lack of motivation or feel as though my anxiety about things are kicking in, this is the song that I like to blast around the house and dance along to, to get my energy pumping to almost release all the anxiety from my body whilst singing along to the song, especially with the extremely catchy ‘So What’ hook. The upbeat instrumentation is great but the added lyrics of positivity makes the song that bit better.

I like watching live versions of this song to see the fun the boys have with this song, especially with Jin and V in the bridge section as it makes me laugh seeing what new dance routine they will come up with during it. The verse that connects with me a lot is Suga's as although it tends to be annoying sometimes when people tell me that my anxieties aren’t real, its nice hearing a song that reminds me to take a step back and realise that most of my troubles aren’t as bad as I first thought them to be which is why this verse stands out to me from the others. 

‘There’s nothing that works out as I wanted
There’s even fewer places for me to hide
It’s already been a while since the dice were rolled
If you dawdle, you’ll be swept away, oh bae
Just go instead of worrying
Don’t get scared, cheer up
Shout it out, so what, what’

So whether you’re feeling down, need a bit of motivation or just love dancing then this is the song for you.

Charlie - So What is a song that should be at every festival, concert and party. Despite my love for BTS stemming from their introspective lyrics, sometimes what you really need is a power anthem that allows you to jump around and let yourself be completely free. Letting your worries pass you by for a moment as you stop caring about what others think and only focus on your own happiness, is such a needed message for people of all ages. When I hear it, I hear the streamers and the fireworks from concerts, particularly at the final chorus before we catch our breaths at the final "somebody call me right one, somebody call me wrong." This is a song to bring people together and showcase just how expert BTS are at hyping up a crowd. 

Cheryl - So What won the poll this week. I feel that So What is like a mantra; Don’t worry - say “So What”. This song has so much energy and attitude - I find it impossible to sit still and not join in with it.  When BTS perform it - it is obvious that they are enjoying themselves, which in itself is contagious.

My favourite lyrics are:

‘There’s nothing that works out as I wanted
There’s even fewer places for me to hide
It’s already been a while since the dice were rolled’

I cannot imagine needing a place to hide and not being able to find a hiding place - The more famous BTS become the more their privacy will have to be fought for and hiding places will be even more tricky.

These lyrics are rather thought provoking: ‘90% of your worries are an imaginary swamp that you created. Just go instead of worrying’ I think this is true of me - I definitely can relate to this and am trying to worry less and just go with the flow. 

Although the lyrics of the song cover deep thoughts - the positivity shines through and the upbeat tempo just compliments the song.

Am I Wrong - Michayla

‘Am I Wrong’ is one of those misleading songs that has this vibrant, fun sound and if you have seen the comeback performances you would think this was a fun song. 

However, the lyrics and meaning behind this track are actually attacking political issues in Korean society, along similar lines to ‘Silver Spoon/Baepsae’. The line Stork VS crow-tit warring errday’ is about the class divide.

An Official from the Korean Ministry of Education referred to people as ‘dogs and pigs’, stating that they should be treated as such, hence this line ‘We’re all dogs, pigs, become dogs because we’re angry’.

‘Am I Wrong’ samples the 1994 track by Keb Mo, of the same title but that song has a completely different meaning altogether. That song is about fighting for the love of your life and I found the lyrics highly emotional.

In the BTS song, there is a lot of questioning the sanity of the world because of the things happening in Korea. We know that BTS have spoken up many times about the class divide, hierarchy and the education system, vocalising their support for the younger generation.

‘Am I Wrong
Did I say something wrong?
Did I lie?
Going crazy (Gone crazy gone crazy)
Crazy (gone crazy gone crazy)
Am I Wrong
Am I Wrong
Where am I going
The world’s going crazy’

Namjoon’s verse is a great example of what this song is about. He wants people to know that if they are unaffected by the things happening in society, then they are not normal. People should be bothered by the negativity that surrounds them and if it is nothing to them, then that isn’t right:

‘If what you see on the news is nothing to you
If that comment is nothing to you
If that hatred is nothing to you
You’re not normal, you’re abnormal

Am I Wrong’ is a great song, when you listen to it, it has a catchy beat and is a fun sounding track. It is a gem amongst the other legendary songs on the Wings album and if you get the opportunity to watch the video I have linked at the end of this piece, then you will see why it belongs on this vibrant playlist.

Fire - Cheryl

This week I have chosen to write about Fire - partly for the attitude of the song and also because of the moves.

Attitude - I personally love the rebellious vibe of the video.  Boys being a bit scary - setting fire to a person, signs, cars, bikes and even playing with fire. I believe there is a gang theme to the beginning of the video where BTS are behind a chain-link fence and others are looking in on them. Although by others that would appear to be us as there is only one person standing watching them and then Suga jumps over the fence and shakes his hand. The person then catches fire when Suga presses play on his personal stereo.

The theme of rebelliousness continues with them playing music loudly and playing video games - again with things being blown up.

Maybe rebellious is the wrong word - maybe it’s just boys being boys - but I think it is the attitude that is being portrayed that gives the video its rebellious feel.

Moves - I think the choreography of this song just screams “FUN”; the flirty looks they give to the camera, the slow motion moves, the pumping and kind of robotic finger pointing and bouncing around with each other. Even the ironing of Jin is funny - I’m guessing the iron wasn’t actually on!!!

Lyrics - Continuing with the rebellious vibes of the song, the lyrics contain references to being drunk and swearing in the street and setting things on Fire - BTS being naughty!

My favourite lyrics are 

‘It's ok to just live because we're still young
Who do you think you are to say otherwise
Stop comparing, I'm only human
(So what~)’

I wish I had these thoughts when I was younger!

Also available on Big Hit channel - Original version: BTS - Fire
                                                        Choreo version: BTS - Fire (choreography version)

Anpanman - Charlie

As far as positive BTS songs go, Anpanman is a song I am very fond of for its cutesy choreography, happy-go-lucky vibe, and its quite touching lyrics, which are surprising considering what an optimistic bop it sounds like. 

“Waiting for you, Anpanman
(Lemme hear ya say, lemme hear ya say)
Waiting for you, Anpanman
(Turn it up, turn it up, turn it up)
I’ll muster up the strength a little more
(Lemme hear ya say, lemme hear ya say)
I’ll be your strength
(Turn it up, turn it up, turn it up)”

The song starts with Taehyung’s deep call of “Waiting for you Anpanman,” a hook which is repeated throughout the choruses and reminds me of trends in chart music at the time due to the low tone. It is memorable and fun to sing along to, and is accompanied by a Superman pose which you will see everyone in the audience or at the party doing when this song comes on. In the midst of an album full of songs like The Truth Untold, Singularity and Tear, Anpanman offers a reprieve from any intense emotions you’re probably having, to let you know that everything will be okay and invite you to dance along. 

One of the things I admire about Anpanman is its humble yet hopeful message: it is about being a hero for someone, but not a typically macho hero who will save the helpless listeners: the hero of Anpanman is, self-admittedly, a more complex one who does not have “biceps or pecs” or “a super car like Batman”. They are just someone with an urge to help people, even if they do not think of themselves as the perfect hero. 

“Sometimes I’m afraid of all this
Because I came to have so many things that I love
Some say, you’re almost an old fossil now
You’re not qualified, Just do what you’ve been doing before
But I still want to be a hero
All I can give you is Anpan
And a word, "You’ve worked hard,"
But I’ll fly to you right away if you call me
Please call me”

Anpanman is based on a Japanese cartoon character of the same name, who gets weaker and weaker every time he helps people, because his way of helping people is letting them eat some of his bread. In the same way, BTS offer up their music and message to ARMY, promising that even if they get weaker, they will not stop trying to give us their strength. It is a bittersweet message; once you listen to Anpanman, especially at the adorable quirky bridge, you may assume it’s a song with only positivity and no pain behind it, but upon reading the lyrics you will discover something much more heartfelt. 

“To be honest
I’m scared of falling
And of letting you down
But, even if it takes up all my strength
I will be sure that I stay by your side
Although I’ll fall again
I’ll make a mistake again
And I’ll be covered in mud
I believe in myself because I’m a hero
Yeah, yeah”

Go Go - Onomey

For this weeks theme, I chose to write about GoGo because it is a song that highlights how BTS can write a seemingly fun and carefree song for everyone, whilst having a deeper meaning for those who are willing to look deeper into the song. I, myself find it near impossible not to dance along with this song once it gets played. I don’t think there are many people who have successfully listened to the song without dancing along or at least bob their head to the great beat. 

On the surface, this song is just a goofy song that talks about how much they like to spend money, alongside iconic dance moves. When you explore the lyrics more you find out that they are almost making fun of people who live their lives spending money like it is some sort of competition. If you look at the song from this perspective, it makes sense that they have used the word ‘Yolo’ in the refrain to reinforce the point they were making in the song although on the surface it may look like they struggled to write creative lyrics for the refrain and instead just repeated ‘Yolo’ a lot. 

‘Yolo, Yolo, Yolo yo
Yolo, Yolo yo
Squandering fun, squandering fun, squandering fun
Yolo, Yolo, Yolo, yo 
Where my money yah
Squandering fun, squandering fun, squandering fun
Yolo, Yolo, Yolo, yo
Yolo, Yolo, yo
Squandering fun, squandering fun, squandering fun
Yolo, yolo, yolo, yo
Where the party yah
Squandering fun, squandering fun, squandering fun’

I think the dance moves used during the refrain section is important to the lyrics as the moves used are mostly all dance moves that went viral and became the trend to do for many people which links with the whole ‘Yolo’ theme as they are saying through their dance that these are the things that you are squandering the chance to be a better person or the chance to be successful in life as when you look back at yourself, you’re going to realise that those stupid things you wasted your time aren’t going to matter anymore. 

The boys use dance moves from a variety of different areas such as the Soulja Boy Superman dance, the dab, the ‘yah’ dance and the bag pack kid dance. This even though I know they’ve chosen these dance moves to emphasise their point, I loved it as it showed their funny side on a stage performance which isn’t all that seen unless you perhaps go to a concert of theirs. It is also great to be able to finally keep up with one of their dances are join in with them in dancing. 

‘Woo there’s no tomorrow 
There’s already a mortgage on my future
Woo spending my money even more
Friends, wassup
Do you want some?’

Ultimately, I think it is great to have a fun time and treating people but if you are living you’re living like there’s no tomorrow, then things need to change as there may end up not being any control left when it comes to money and it is not long-lasting, it will eventually run out. 

Despite the undertone, it is totally a massive song that fills you with an unlimited amount of energy which is why it is such an amazing song. 

You can make your playlist more vibrant by adding it to your Spotify here: Vibrant BTS 

Genius BTS

Let’s face it, we have all, at the very least, thought about the genius lyrics behind the songs of BTS. Not only that but Namjoon, Yoongi and Hobi, all have their mix tapes to support the fact that when it comes to songwriting, BTS are indeed ‘genius’.

Here is a playlist of the top 30 songs that we think fit this theme. Which songs would make your playlist?

Magic Shop chosen by ARMY

Michayla - What can I possibly say about this song that hasn’t been said or thought of before? ‘Magic Shop’ is genius, it is a song that links ARMY to BTS and is held in our hearts forever. The lyrics are deep and meaningful, the title was used as the whole concept for 5th Muster and I don’t know anyone who is not moved emotionally when we hear ‘So show me…’

This song is genius because of the emotion it evokes, as well as the meaning behind it. As my Daughter and I left the Stade De France in June 2019, we sang ‘So show me, I’ll show you’ in our thousands and this will stay with me forever.

Onomey - Magic shop is a very emotional song that is very close to all army hearts. BTS has a way of creating songs that lyrically may not necessarily be about army but tend to have hidden meanings. I like that Magic shop was chosen as this week's poll winner because I find it fascinating that the source of inspiration for this song was from a book by James R. Doty. The song to me is worthy of being on the genius songwriters playlist for this week is because I think it would be very difficult to shorten down a book's topic then being able to use that said topic and make it into creating a whole new project that targets things that are personal to that individual, in this case, the relationship Jungkook felt between himself and ARMY.

What also makes me appreciate a songs writing is because of the fact that Jungkook was the main writer as usually, the main songwriters of the group are RM and Suga so it was refreshing to see how JK has evolved in terms of his songwriting talents and that BTS as a group were able to share their story of times where they suffered from mental illnesses.

‘I know that you're hesitating because even if you say the truth
In the end, it will all return as scars
I'm not going to say anything blatant like “finds strength”
I will let you hear my story, let you hear it’

Cheryl - I am not at all surprised that Magic Shop won the poll. Firstly, there’s the catchy phrase/chorus of So Show Me, I’ll Show You and then the repeated You gave me the best of me, So you’ll give you the best of you - which I believe is where people bring out the best in each other. Also BTS often say these kind of phrases in interviews which helps sustain the special bond between them and their Army - they say things like; Army’s pride is their pride, or Army’s strength is their strength etc. Secondly the words of the song are so inspiring - “I won’t say cliched things like “have strength” I will just listen to you, listen“ - how powerful to just have someone hear what you have to say.

“Days when you hate that you’re you. Days when you wanna disappear - Let’s make a door in your heart, If you open that door and go inside, this place will be waiting for you - the Magic Shop...”, I found this verse so empowering as ‘you’ have to be willing and want to open the door at a time when you may want to disappear and are not happy.

Thirdly, the melody and their voices seem to just caress the mind and lift your mood - it’s just such a pretty, hopeful song - so come on in to the Magic Shop, let it comfort you with a warm cup of tea (so British) and look up to the stars.

Magic Shop may not have the powerful video like Blood Sweat and Tears, or Fake Love but the song sure has a lot of content, with the catchy chorus and the ending repeats. Plus the very down to earth, heartfelt verses - it really is a winner!

Charlie - For many of us, we see BTS as a method of escapism, a gateway into a place where everything in life is a little better because they are there to hold our hands through it all. In Magic Shop, a beautiful song produced by Jungkook, the members make it clear that they are aware of their responsibility and this important part they have in our lives. They put into words how we feel and what we want: to be able to relax and look up at the sky and know that BTS are there with us. They make it clear in the start of the song that they know words like “have strength” won’t help, but they will do their best to help us in the ways we need. The imagery of having a hot drink on a cold night and looking up at the galaxy, and having a door in your head that you can go inside to find peace, is beautifully worded and tells me that I am a fan of a group who understand the depth of the relationship between artist and fan.

Give It To Me - Michayla

Who, in their right mind would disagree with the word ‘genius’ being used in the same sentence as ‘Min Yoongi’? The answer is ‘no-one’ because that is exactly what he is, and his lyrics are proof of that.

We know how much Yoongi struggled throughout his early life as a rapper who was condemned by other rappers and faced a lot of hate for becoming an idol. His mix tape ‘Agust D’ released in 2016 is full of songs that express his angst and ‘Give It To Me’ is the second track on it.

The ‘Agust D’ Min Yoongi was all platinum blonde hair, black eyeliner and quite angry with the treatment he had received in the industry and whilst trying to make it big. This is somewhat of a contrast to ‘Suga’ Min Yoongi that we see today who is a whole lot happier and that warms my heart.

‘Give It To Me’ is a feisty song, with Yoongi expressing himself whilst tied to a chair in the MV. The first verse is commenting on his family and the rappers that threw hate his way. It is well known that he didn’t always have the support of his family and his early life was very difficult. I love how he describes the haters and the fact they were two-faced, putting him down to further their own careers.

I’m the public enemy, the hyungs
Who benefited by slandering us
Every one of them had the taste of money
They say two things with one mouth
And head to the big companies

This song says a lot about the character of Yoongi and commands respect. He is clearly a strong person, whether he felt like that at times or not, his lyrics and the fact that he persevered are proof of his strength.

I’m still not sure about the secret to success
But I think I know the secret to failure
The secret is to play the fool just like you
And keep blabbing your mouth
But I wouldn’t live like that even if I had to die’

The fact that Yoongi says he wouldn’t lower himself to be like those who put him down and climbed over others to boost their own career, says so much about him. It was less than 2 months after the release of ‘Agust D’ that BTS stood on stage at MAMA and Yoongi was reduced to tears when they accepted the award for ‘Artist of the year’... and his dreams haven’t stopped coming true.

DNA - Cheryl

To start off I just wanted to mention that the DNA dance practice was what got me hooked on BTS and so it will always have a safely tucked away place in my heart. The synchronisation, the style and moves were mesmerising. The way they held hands like strands of DNA 🧬 was just perfection.

The song itself is about finding one’s soul mate through destiny and how once found it is not through coincidence but, as if there is a higher mathematical equation that brought you both together.  Such a romantic notion.

These lyrics say it better than I ever could:

‘Our meeting is like a mathematical formula
Commandments of religion, providence of the universe’

These lyrics suggest that it is the DNA from which we are created that bring people together and that once joined it will be a connection that last lifetimes - I think this is quite a nice, rather romantic thought, as long as the connection is mutual:

‘From the day of the universe’s creation and beyond
Through the infinite centuries and beyond
In the previous life and maybe the next too
We’re eternally together’

My favourite lyrics from DNA are;

‘The evidence of destiny given to me
You’re the source of my dream
Take it, take it
My hand reaching out to you is my chosen fate’

What I would give to see BTS perform this song live - oh well maybe one day!

Daydream - Charlie

ARMY's from before 2018 will remember the long, agonising wait as we wondered when Hoseok would finally release his mix tape, which we had been anticipating for ages. When it finally dropped, it was so perfectly Hoseok and so worth the wait. The first music video from it, ‘Daydream’, was accompanied by a bold and vibrant music video with splashes of all different colours.

The song was ingeniously crafted by Hoseok to be the perfect reflection of his personality. It sounds bubbly, and yet it has a chilled, almost tropical tone to it. In this way it mirrors how the song is about his half-and-half life as someone who is in the spotlight but also wants to live in his own little bubble or dreamlike world. The chorus in particular puts me into a breezy mindset, like I’m overcome with some sort of calmed vibe.

“Wishing on a sky
Wishing on a scar
If there’s the sun
I’d want to dream
Wishing on a sky
Wishing on a scar
If there’s the moonlight
I wouldn’t want to wake up”

Daydream is quite layered in that it seems to be about the conflict between Hoseok’s onstage ‘J-Hope’ persona, as well as his want to live just how he wants in a daydream-like state. It also seems to suggest that he wants to live in a hopeful, fun way, although that seems to be too linked to the ‘J-Hope’ persona that makes him feel he has to “walk on eggshells” and not feel free to cry and show his darker emotions.

“Ignore my character, errday
Wanna cry with no shame, errday
Dream list, the first priority
With no concerns on money
Deep sleep”

In the second verse, his lyrics give the impression of frustration at other people’s perceptions of him, as despite his assured and carefree tone, he muses about why it’s seen as wrong for him to go out drinking, and why he has to focus on work when he wants to live free. He seems to somewhat wish that he could remove himself from the J-Hope character for temporary moments.

However, in verse 3, he iterates that he’s aware that he is fortunate to be in a position where he has this onstage persona, and he does not want to lose sight of how grateful he is for that. The song is about a struggle to accept certain things in real life, while still acknowledging and accepting that they exist.

“If you ask me back
Why I dream
I’ll sound like bragging
I’ll put it down for a minute
To match my mechanism, stay
I’ll say that I’m getting some rest”

One of the reasons why I wanted this song on the “genius songwriting” playlist is for its literature references scattered over the song. As it is about wanting to disappear into a daydream and escape everyday responsibilities and burdens, it references such fantasy books as Alice in Wonderland and Harry Potter. Daydream is one of those songs that manages to encapsulate a whole other atmosphere and world into 3 minutes, while also telling you exactly what Hoseok’s personality, musical style and goals are.

Black Swan - Onomey

The thing that I appreciate and love about BTS is their ability to have song upon song that makes you think about everything in the world around you and what each individual lyric means if there is a hidden meaning deep underneath it and you want to figure every possible meaning about their songs because if you like if you don't see you're missing out on something special. I hold these type of lyricist highly because it takes Great time effort and passion to be able to create a project or song that can next with different types of people from different variations of backgrounds.

I chose to write about black swan because although I don't fully understand everything about the lyrics, that in itself makes it a great songwriting achievement that it takes so long to figure out the hidden meanings behind the song, I thought it was a great song to talk about because coming up with the idea of the song is one thing, being able to create almost like a theatre performance out of that song is next level songwriting.

The art film is opened by a quote, “a dancer dies twice, once when they start dancing and this first death is the more painful”. I understand this quote on a small scale compared to BTS because I used to dance competitively and would have to spend hours and hours practising to make sure the performance was perfect in every way, whilst others were out partying or out with friends. This is sometimes very hard to deal with and at times you feel the need to escape or give up on everything you’ve worked hard for because it almost becomes your whole life to the point where you don’t recognise yourself anymore, so when it comes to an end you don't know what to do with yourself. You sometimes feel empty and sad because you are so used to doing the thing you love to do the most which are to perform. You forget how to live a normal routined life and feel guilty that you ever thought about wanting to escape dancing because once it's gone it's gone you can't go back and reliving you have to find a way to move on with your life which can be difficult to deal with.

The song can be interpreted in so many different ways, the lyrics say to me that the ‘black swan’ no longer gets excited at the thought of making music or even hearing it because they’ve focused on it for so long to the point where they feel that they are experiencing their first death where they give up on music as a whole which is what Suga and RM seem to be rapping about at the start of the song, whilst throughout the hook is used almost as a drone to help the black swan realise that they should continue with whatever they are doing no matter how dark it gets for them because you’ll realise that when the first death they refer to, comes around, it will be totally worth all the hardships you went through which is a positive spin on something so dark and sensitive.’

‘The heart no longer races 
When hearing the music play 
Tryna pull up
Seems like time has stopped 
Oh that would be my first death 
I have been always afraid of’

Make your playlist increase its IQ and add this playlist on Spotify now: Genius BTS 

A Dramatic Playlist

For this weeks playlist we have chosen a dramatic theme, the songs that are dramatic in their meaning, sound or perhaps how a song makes you feel.

If you had a dramatic playlist, which song would be your first choice? Why not tweet us and let us know @BTSRadioUK

Butterfly - chosen by ARMY

Michayla - I really wasn’t sure which song would win this week’s poll, I thought that ‘Danger’ was perhaps the obvious dramatic song so it was a pleasant surprise that ‘Butterfly’ won. I feel that the drama in this song comes from a few elements but the stand out drama has to come from Jimin’s high note towards the end. The whole song is a beautiful journey which certainly evokes intense emotions.

Charlie - Butterfly is a powerful song that can move you, no matter what mood you were in, to tears. The dainty piano notes, breathy vocals, and heart-shattering lyrics of fearing losing someone, all culminate in a devastating few minutes of pure emotion. The lyrics read like a childlike desperation to stay with someone forever, begging them to never leave you because you feel so terrified. With metaphors of the light wings of a butterfly not feeling near enough to hold, and worrying that the person will fly away and simply break, it is a tender song that has its understated moments before breaking out into emotional high notes. It still feels subtle and like it is not trying too hard to make you cry, but it succeeds anyway due to the raw emotion present in the lyrics and vocals.

Onomey - I fully understand why ‘Butterfly’ won by a high percentage for this weeks poll focusing on the most dramatic songs because everything down to the choreography is dramatised to highlight the emotion in the song.

‘Butterfly’ is a song that I can’t just listen to once, I have to listen to it multiple times on repeat because I find myself almost wanting to listen to each word closely to soak up all of the emotion within the song which I find very relaxing.

The most dramatic moment in the song for me is definitely the bridge by RM because of the build up of intensity that RM delivers his rap to show the confusion he is having in his head about the situation he is in, not knowing whether or not it is a dream. He just want to be able to give all his love to that individual because he’s almost dependent on them.

‘The small pieces guttered down darkly
From my heart, a barren noise
I don’t know if this is reality or a dream 
My Kafka on the shore
Don’t go to those woods over there
My heart is still shattering on you
(I just want to vaporise like this)
My love that is forever
It’s all free for you baby’

Cheryl - I believe Butterfly is being used to describe a special friend and the delicate emotions around relationships and how these feelings can appear so delicate. The words in Suga’s verse:

From afar, I steal glances; if we touch hands, will I lose you?
You shine in this pitch darkness that is the butterfly effect
Your light touches, I forget the reality at once

This to me gives such a delicate description of fragile thoughts and emotions.  Perhaps reaching out to hold hands with a friend for the first time could result in losing the friendship and this verse conjures up the thoughts of trying to be brave to actually do it - weighing up the consequences of one’s actions. The refrain by Jungkook:

Will you stay by my side
Will you promise me
If I let go of your hand, you’ll fly away and break
I’m scared scared scared of that

Again the fragility of emotions, how he is scared that if he lets go of the hand the person will fly away and break - perhaps he is the more fragile one and these are his own fears?

Winter Flower - Michayla

I was really excited to have the opportunity to write about this song this week because I have fallen in love with it completely. I am usually supportive of the collaborations that BTS members do with other artists, streaming like crazy but none have really grabbed me the way that ‘Winter Flower’ has.

I hadn’t heard of Younha up until the moment that this song was released but it made me want to know more because her voice really struck a chord with me. Younha’s voice is so beautiful and the chorus gives me goosebumps, in the best way.

When you hear Namjoon, it is amazing at how well his voice fits into the song and his verse, I feel, is about not giving up and accepting that sometimes you will achieve things later than others. The whole idea of ‘running a marathon’ implies that you have to be in for the long haul

‘Here, now, in this winter day
When I close my eyes, spring seems so far away
And there’s only cold breaths here
I was born in crimson from the blood you shed this harsh winter
Plum blossom, camellia, daffodil
Yeah, call me whatever you want
They say life is full of paradox
All you gotta do is gettin’ used to this marathon
“Do you think the world is harsh on you only?
Everyone has it hard’

‘Winter Flower’ is almost a plea to someone to ‘hold on’ and to hang on in there because things will get better and you will get to where you want to be. Is this song a message to someone close, offering them support?

I will take it away before you stumble
(Hold on, hold on)
I will stay by your side until you survive
(Hold on, hold on)
I hope you bloom’

This song definitely belongs on a dramatic playlist if not only for Younha’s vocals because the last 20 seconds or so are extremely emotional and it shows us why Namjoon chose to be a part of this song. This is a great collaboration and has firmly planted itself into my daily routine.

Cypher 4 - Charlie

BTS Cypher 4 was the first Cypher I heard, and it was a wild introduction to exactly what rapline are capable of when they’re put on a track that’s just theirs. It is like a mix of So What and Mic Drop, as a final cypher to say goodbye to the antis and let them know that with their new success, they’re bored of dealing with haters. Instead of wishing them ill, like in previous Cyphers, they simply do not care and they just pity the haters for wasting all this time on disrespecting BTS when they could have been loving themselves.

After the anger and sass present in the previous 3 cyphers, Cypher 4 is a euphoric outburst of "I don't care about you anymore!". The chorus features all members of rapline chanting at the top of their lungs that they love themselves, which feels like such a beautiful release from the negativity that has plagued the group before. As this features on the last full-length album before the Love Yourself album series, it feels like the perfect send-off to end this era or phase of BTS’s career: one last Cypher to disrespect the haters in a satisfying way that feels very final, before moving onto a more positive message.

Some such negativity that BTS have faced in the past is mentioned in Namjoon’s verse, as he mocks people who have criticised BTS pettily before, from their rapping style to their looks. His verse is dripping with sarcasm as he pretends to be apologetic towards these haters.

“Name, name!” Sorry bae
“Pronunciation, pronunciation!” Sorry bae
“Diction, diction, diction!” Sorry bae
“Oh, face not an idol..” Sorry bae

Hoseok’s flow in his verse is a masterpiece. He is slick and has complete command over this part of the track, taking no prisoners - and yet, his verse is filled with hope no matter how savage he gets. It is like he is attacking you while wearing an innocent smile. The verse seems to represent the idea that the best revenge is to be successful and happy.

“I’m climbing up there, high high high
That’s right, my method is different
I take on the road no matter what
Sewing stitch by stitch
If you’re not able, put an end to it
There is no possibility
Of pronouncing “failure”
I love ma rule, the work that I do with my bros”

Towards the end of the song, Yoongi shoots in with his rap, and as always he is  hypnotising to listen to. The man is non-stop, firing out his lyrics (sometimes whilst cockily checking his Rolex watch for how long he has been holding his breath for), and it is glorious both to listen to and to watch.

“Click clack to the bang, you and you
I’m always thankful, for not earning anything so easily
Why is it my fault, that your life is noncommittal
Keep on living like that vaguely
Sorry but continue to look
Because I’m gonna earn more from now
By all means please live healthily”

What Am I To You? - Cheryl

What Am I To You is an Intro from Dark and Wild by RM released in 2014.

Reading the lyrics for this song and for me it resonates with the all consuming passion of a first love.  You know the kind that takes over your thoughts, feelings and all your emotions and how you want to be seen as different to those who have gone before.

The words express this so clearly:

Come here I’m bout to take u higher
We about to set this love on fire
I’ve never felt like this before
My mom couldn’t even stop me

I’ll make you know everything about me
I want to be your oppa
I want to be recognized differently than the other dudes

Then there is the constant gnawing thoughts of am I being too much, or giving too much of myself to the relationship:

You’re like a goalkeeper who has lost her will
I’m like Messi, running all over the place
I knew this wasn’t from the start
A fair game

Am I rushing things? But if it’s not it, it’s not it
I have a partner in this puppy love
I just want to freely love
Hold me, this is like a game
Of tug-of-war without an opponent what you say

He also has the girl on a pedal stall, as if she can do no wrong:

Because I’m always below you, under stand
It’s like I’m carrying you on my shoulders
I can’t do anything
My bitter smile has become a habit at some point

The song is about the confusing mixed messages about love and relationships, so he suggests:

What am I to you girl what am I to you
I do love you crazy, uh, do you?
Like this and like that, stop confusing me
If you’re gonna keep this up, let’s write up a contract
X number of kisses per day, x number of texts per day
If we do that
Will I feel better?

Quite rightly, he questions whether a contract like this would actually make him happy and this makes me wonder about the “forced” relationship - does a contract help people to stay together or does it become a tie, a bound like a rope with a knot, that cannot be undone easily?  Could you really be happy if you are using a contract to keep someone beside you?

Heartbeat - Onomey

We all know that BTS isn’t shy in showing us emotion, whether that is hidden lyrically or dramatically written, they to make that connection with us.

Heartbeat was released on their BTS World album which is related to their BTS World mobile game. In this song, BTS seems to be talking about a world where they did not have ARMY by their side and what each day would feel like as a result of that.

I feel as though the chorus is so important to the whole song because of the pain that can be heard by the vocal in the chorus because it is them realising how important ARMY are to them and that they are sure that they do not want our love of them to decline, they want us to continue on the journey with them and never get lost in the process.

‘I wish that you would love (love) me (me)
Just like yesterday, don’t let go of this hand ever again
And every time my heart (heart) beats (beats
Match your steps so you don’t wander around ever again’

My favourite line in the song that gets stuck in my head is by Suga when he says 

‘It was you who led me through the maze
You’re  my light and salvation
This rain is coming close to an end and now I won’t let go of your hand’

I think sometimes as ARMY we forget how much the boys depend on us at times and as a person it makes me think about how giving that little bit of support to others can have a massive impact on them and help them through the tough times they are going through.

I like how dramatic this song is because it makes me think about how lucky we are to have BTS in our lives and how different things would be if one thing didn’t happen that made BTS. So many people who have created new friendships battled through hard times and become a more positive person all because BTS exists in this universe.

Add some drama to your Spotify playlist here: A Dramatic Playlist

A Dark Playlist

We have all been wowed by Shadow and Black Swan so this week we have chosen a playlist with a dark theme.

What are your thoughts about Shadow and Black Swan? Share them with us on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook @BTSRadioUK

Come Back Home chosen by ARMY

Charlie - “Come Back Home” is a remake of the song by Seo Taiji and Boys, the legendary group which chose BTS to be the artist to remake their song for their 25th anniversary project. The song may be a remake, but it has BTS’ own colours. It is an angsty song about feeling trapped and lost, not knowing where your life is going, but in spite of that it has a hopeful message about brushing yourself off and working hard to make sure that your family and your home can do well. It has an eclectic sound and the vocals are versatile and unique; it is a concept I hope BTS repeat at some point because it has so much energy and power contained in their angry lyrics. 

Michayla - This song may have a deep rooted dark undertone but the live performance at 4th Muster is one of my favourite performances to watch. The choreography and outfits just added to this song which has a great beat and so much power. BTS certainly did Seo Taiji and Boys proud when they did this remake of a classic song, even finding a way to put their own stamp on it.

Cheryl - One of the things that surprised me about Come Back Home is that the music sounds upbeat whilst the lyrics are not quite so cheerful.

‘I feel suffocated inside my heart
What is blocking my life is my fear towards tomorrow
Everyday is repeating, the future is bleak
There was no me
And there was no future’

These lyrics just sound so truthful - I am sure many people can relate to feeling stuck at some point, because they are afraid of the future and how you may feel like you don’t really exist, as one day can feel the same as any other.

‘An honor to my family, to my mother ...
I continuously work hard, work hard, work hard’

Talks of working very hard in order to bring pride and honour to his mother and family, which I think could also add a feeling of pressure.

‘You must come back home
In this rough life
You must come back home
Warmer than my heart which has left
You must come back home
I will complete myself’

To me these lyrics make home sound like a safe haven - if life is rough and if your heart is getting colder then come back home. The lyrics “I will complete myself”, I think resonates with that message of Love Yourself.

Fake Love (Rockin Vibe Mix) - Michayla

When I think ‘dark’ I always think ‘Fake Love’ for many reasons. The MV is quite gothic and eerie in appearance and the song itself is haunting in sound so this week I jumped at the chance to talk about the version that was performed live as part of the Love Yourself and Speak Yourself tours.

This song is about the realisation that you have become a different person in the name of love. If you have changed because of the person you are in a relationship with, does this mean that the love is fake?

‘For you, I could pretend like I was happy when I was sad
For you, I could pretend like I was strong when I was hurt
I wish love was perfect as love itself
I wish all my weaknesses could be hidden
I grew a flower that can’t be bloomed in a dream that can’t come true’

We all know that loving someone should be about loving and accepting that person for who they are so it is difficult to accept a situation where you have become a different version of yourself, not always for the better. I know many people who have a personal connection to this song and I think that is one of the beautiful things about BTS songs, the fact that as an individual it could mean something different to you.

The rocking vibe mix brings something so different to the original song, giving it an edgier feel. You can hear the guitars and drums which gives Fake Love a rawness that worked fantastically well at the O2 arena and at Wembley Stadium. The lyrics might have remained the same but this remix does give the song a whole new vibe especially teemed with the black outfits and harnesses worn on stage.

Save Me - Cheryl

So this week with the Spotify playlist we decided to look at the darker side of BTS through the power of their songs. I chose to write about Save Me, I already had an idea of the meaning of the song but I wanted to delve deeper into the depth of the lyrics.

Once again, the depth and feeling in the lyrics are hard hitting. BTS are not shy about exploring their own feelings and putting them out there to be shared with their Army.

‘I want to breathe, I hate this night
I want to wake up, I hate this dream
I’m trapped inside of myself and I’m dead
Don’t wanna be lonely
Just wanna be yours’

I can imagine many of us would have had similar thoughts whether caused by a bad dream or a daytime nightmare - trying to breathe and remove the memories feeling trapped and dead inside.

By adding the two lines at the bottom, I feel this makes the lyrics appear more desperate - nobody wants to be lonely, everyone wants to belong to somebody.  These two lines also raise to mind the images of their hands on their chests with the other hand stretching out to grab someone from the video. Very poetic and very powerful imagery. I know they pull me in, by doing this!

Why is it so dark when you’re not here
It’s dangerous how wrecked I am
Save me because I can’t get a grip on myself’

Again very powerful, reaching out to be helped as they can’t help themselves - I hope people who may need help at some point in their lives (especially Army) can relate to this song and reach out and accept help if it is being offered, as well as asking for the help they need.

‘I knew that your salvation
Is a part of my life and the only helping hand that will embrace my pain
The best of me, you’re the only thing I have
Please raise your voice so that I can laugh again
Play on

Listen to my heartbeat, it calls you whenever it wants to
Because within this pitch black darkness, you are shining so brightly’

I believe these lyrics are acknowledging the help that is being offered and they are accepting that they need the help and appreciate it.  By saying within this darkness you are shining so brightly and your helping hand is a part of their life and the only hand that will embrace their pain, sounds rather containing and therapeutic - like a parent consoling an upset child.

Suga’s Interlude - Charlie

I am writing this review after listening to Black Swan, a song that mirrors the themes of Suga’s Interlude and makes me realise how seriously Yoongi, and the other members, want us to take this sorrowful message. 

Suga’s Interlude is one of a few interludes on Halsey’s Manic album, and it is a beautiful collaboration that tells us, fans of either Yoongi, Halsey or both, about the thoughts that both artists agree on. Yoongi raps, and Halsey sings, about a mutual concern of falling out of love with music, and worrying what will happen in the future if they live without their current passion. It is a dark future to think of, but that is why I listen to BTS: the willingness to discuss things we’d rather not think about, and making me no longer feel that I am alone in worrying about possible futures. 

“I wonder what's in store
If I don't love it anymore (Hey)
Stuck between the having it all
And giving it up, yeah”

The song starts off with soft piano notes, which then follow into Halsey’s chorus with a stripped back instrumental. Her chorus is stunningly worded and sincerely sung, and is a nice way to reaffirm the message of the song for non-Korean listeners after each verse by Yoongi. 

“I've been trying all my life
To separate the time
In between the having it all
And giving it up, yeah”

Yoongi’s verses glow with bravery for me, as he admits that despite the fame he has achieved, he is still worried about feeling unsatisfied by it and still not feeling that it is enough. With feelings that carry over from the AGUST D mixtape, Yoongi alludes to greed for fame and still having anxieties about not loving himself. To be honest to fans about how his success, while he is grateful for it, will not solve his problems, makes me admire him even more than I had before. The same sentiment goes for Halsey. 

“Ayy, this wandering, with only blueness inside my head
Self-loathing and pride live in my heart
I was full of dreams, then I grew and made all of it come true
Yet keeping dreams as dreams would be better
I thought, while living at the same time
May my leap not be a fall”

Despite how much Yoongi raps with passion, the backing retains its melancholic feel from the start of the song, mirroring how even though Yoongi is pursing his dream, there is still sadness that comes along with that. In the second verse, however, Yoongi’s voice sounds somewhat muffled, as if he is drowning in all of these ambivalent thoughts and feelings. However, he then ends this verse with, “So what you gonna do?”, bringing the message back to the listener, addressing and including them in his message as it may apply to them too. He tells you that you may have similar worries, and that is okay and inevitable: what matters is how you respond to these concerns. Therefore, it ends with a productive message of hope. 

“How you live on and how you love might change
That’s true (That’s true, that’s true)
(Yeah) Yeah, so, are you gonna move?
We are too young to be hesitating, just run head-on onto it
So what you gonna do?”

Add darkness to your Spotify playlist by adding this at the following link: A Dark Playlist 

Poll Winners

This week we wanted to tie up 2019 and start 2020 so we decided to do a playlist of all the songs chosen by ARMY in our polls. 

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Lights chosen by ARMY

Onomey - Just reading the title of this song makes me smile because of how uplifting and beautiful the song is. The music video is very bare compared to what videos we are used, it's just them having a laugh and joke with each other in the cinema whilst looking amazing wearing pastel colours. I feel as though we as Army are spoilt when it comes to BTS making songs that relate to us in some way and this is another example of a greatly written song that allows us to feel connected with them in a positive way. 

The chorus is what makes the whole song come together as it is really catchy and is sang with so much emotion because it talks about not necessarily needing to be near the person to feel their energy and light whenever they are facing tough times. They know because they have that support in their heart from someone they can overcome things better. 

‘When I close my eyes 
In the darkness, your light woah
Lights the way for me
We can walk forward without fear, you and I woah
you’re my light, you’re my light 
Always shine into my heart
You’re my light, you’re my light 
No matter how far apart we are
Your light shines on me’

Cheryl - I wonder if Lights reflects how BTS think about each other or about ARMY - I suppose it could be both. It’s a song about connecting through the darkness - we are connected by sound, we can walk through the darkness without fear as light shines the way. 

You’re my light and the light shines to my heart and no matter how far apart we are your light shines on me - I find this a very spiritual and moving part of the song - just beautiful! They also sing about being each other’s light - they shine for each other too.

To me it is a song that expresses the fact that not everything is perfect but that we are all connected by sound and each others’ light and the light will help the dawn shine brighter. They also says it’s up to each of us to decide what makes us happy and to take a few steps each day to grow.

So much positivity - love this song.

Charlie - "Lights" is a song that can mean different things to different people, depending on what you need to hear. Yoongi and Namjoon's verse might tell you to take steps to help yourself, such as deciding what makes you happy so that you can move forward. Jimin and Jungkook's pre-chorus towards the end tells you that it's okay to stop and show weakness sometimes, as long as you are not lying to yourself. You might find your comfort and your light in BTS this year, or you might find it in a friend who calls you to check up on you. Or, "lights" might symbolise the fireworks of the new year that fill you with hope and a sense of possibility. Whatever this song is, it is an outpouring of emotion and genuine heartfelt lyrics from the members, telling you that if you have days where you don't feel like doing anything, that is okay because you will find your light. 

Michayla - I love this song and I love the MV. It has very nearly rivalled ‘Crystal Snow’ as my favourite Japanese track and it would appear that ARMY also love it since it won the poll this week. Lights is an encouraging song that has an overwhelming sense of optimism and positivity which is why it is a great song to start 2020 with. 

Cheryl - Love Maze

Love Maze was released in 2018 and was the sixth track on Love Yourself: Tear album.

It was mostly written by RM and he had previously used maze as a metaphor for being in love in previous songs.

Jimin starts the song - he is stuck in the maze having to make decisions and being exhausted by the chaos and that it is dark.

The refrain is about having faith in ourselves and holding each other’s hands and needing to be together forever.

RM’s verse explains that people have said he will be a fool for love but he replies he doesn’t want to use his head and he doesn’t want to calculate.  Love is not a business. He expects it to be cold like winter and that he still wants to try and that if he falls he would like to be picked up.

I find when I am driving in my car listening to this song, that RM’s lines “I don’t wanna use my head, I don’t wanna calculate” always catches my attention and also the lines “let them be them, let us be us” he just articulates the power of these words so well!

I believe he also has a play on words when he sings “you are amaze” Either the person he is speaking too is a maze or they are amazing - I personally think he means amazing.

Then we have Suga’s verse - which is another powerful, meaningful part of the song - he sings about the maze being an abyss and that the glimmer of light hopefully is paradise.  Lies will try and tear us apart, hardships will try and deceive us - but focus on him in this darkness and the two of us will be enough in this darkness together - that alone is paradise.  Such romantic sentiment within this song!

J-Hope sings about following the rules of this wandering maze, on a mysterious path, taking care of each other.  He would like to give eternity a try, be our own mountain, our own world, our own heart - travelling towards the exit, held together - our hands become the map.

I’m just wondering if anyone else has the feeling that this song connects with the comeback - or could it just be a coincidence - there is the comeback map and the references to darkness in Suga’s verse to me connects to Shadow.

Awake - Charlie

‘Awake’ has rightfully won our polls before. It is a sentimental ballad with bittersweet lyrics which tell of an uncertain urge to do better. I have a memory of walking home from school one day while playing this song, and the way in which Jin’s vocals flooded through my ears suddenly overwhelmed me and I realised just how exquisite his voice was. 

The song is Jin’s solo from the Wings album, and the last solo on the album. Following all the other members’ songs about their hopes, memories and motivations, we finally hear Kim Seokjin’s story, in the context of his place in BTS and how he feels he should improve. 

“It’s not that I believe it
But that I want to try holding out
Because this is
All that I can do”

The song begins with soft vocals from Jin, as he gradually tells us that he is always trying to dream, even if he does not necessarily believe that he will succeed. There is an air of melancholy, as he sounds like someone who feels resigned to his fate of not being as successful or flying as high as he would like. He sings of being covered with wounds and still wanting to struggle and fight. 

The song seems to reference the other members; Jin says that he cannot fly like the flower petals, and he then references 6 flowers that he holds tightly, presumably his 6 band mates. 

"I replied, no, I’m so afraid
Still, I hold the 6 flowers tightly in my hands
I, I’m just walking, I said
Oh no"

The solos allow us to hear each member’s truths, and this is Jin’s at the time: he does not feel like he can fly like the other members. However, with his dazzling high notes that layer over elegant violin music, we are shown that he does in fact have the talent to be successful, and this is only a song of self-doubt, something that is a part of growing up for everyone. This also gives the song added significance when you compare it to Jin's later solo, Epiphany, which is a complete affirmation of self-love and assurance. 

The song is about a determined will to succeed, even if it doesn't seem possible for you. I believe that this is a valuable new year's message, as if you use this new year to hope that you can fly in 2020, you may later come to an epiphany that you can. 

Make It Right (ft Lauv) - Michayla

I seem to say this a lot but I love this song. I did not expect to love this as much as I do and it is Lauv’s verses that really struck a chord with me, personally.

I was lost, I was trying to find the answer
In the world around me
Yeah, I was going crazy
All day, all night
You're the only one who understood me
And all that I was going through
Yeah, I just gotta tell you
Oh, baby I’

Since the death of my Mum, I have felt lost on many occasions and trying to find a way through grief isn’t an easy task. I found BTS a year after losing my Mum and they helped me find the strength to carry on and certainly gave me a fresh focus in life.

You were there for me through all the times I cried
I was there for you and then I lost my mind
I know that I messed up but I promise I
Oh-oh, I can make it right’

It was this verse that made me cry, I’m not ashamed to admit that this verse, in conjunction with the MV Wembley footage definitely made me emotional. The MV is extremely emotive, especially if you were lucky enough to attend the Speak Yourself tour and have heard ‘Make It Right’ performed live.

When ‘MOTS: Persona’ was released, I was tasked with writing a review of ‘Make It Right’ and at the time, I only had the title of the song, not knowing what to expect. I loved it immediately and my connection with it hasn’t wavered at all. Instead the addition of the Lauv version has just made me love it even more.

Euphoria - Onomey

Euphoria is definitely one of my favourite solo songs because for some reason it puts me in a positive mood and makes me feel motivated and relaxed about things as soon as I hear the song. I think my love for it increased even more after I saw him perform it at Wembley. He sang it so well and had even more raw emotion whilst performing, it shocked me how stable his vocals were despite the dance routine being very jumpy.

The development of the song is so beautifully and carefully constructed to write in so much detail about the phrase euphoria. They have chosen to write about how warming it is to feel euphoria but at the same time are able to write about the negative things that may happen because of euphoria such as not knowing what is real and what is a dream anymore. For example, the song begins with talking about whoever arrived in his life in order to be their sunlight from the darkness and that had occurred beforehand. 

‘You are the sunlight that rose again in my life
A reincarnation of my childhood dreams
I don’t know what this emotion is
If this place is also inside a dream’

My favourite moment in the song is definitely the bridge because of the production of this part. I like how the song builds up with the kick drum and a different guitar riff to the main one used throughout to support it. I like this part because of the lyrics used and the tension it creates instrumentally to match with the lyrics because he is talking about no matter whether if there is a war or the world is falling apart, don’t leave cause he will be there. Once he says the words ‘Please don’t wake up from this dream,' everything dissolves and allows the focus to be on Jungkook for when he hits his high note. 

‘I hear the ocean from far away 
Across the dream, over the horizon
(Please don’t wake up from this dream)
I’m going to the place that’s getting clearer
Take my hands now
You are the cause of my euphoria’

Finally what I appreciate most about this song was when RM said about how much hard work and dedication Jungkook put into this song because he thought that he lacked a lot in ‘Begin’. So he worked and worked on his vocals when it came to his emotions as it was a song that really needed a lot of it and the success of the song shows how amazing the final product was.

You can add our poll winners playlist on Spotify at the following link: Poll Winners 

A New Year Approaches

It's the time of year when we look ahead to the new year approaching, filled with hope and promises. Whether you make resolutions or give yourself a challenge, we hope that this playlist brings you inspiration.

If you could choose a BTS song for your ‘new year’, which song would you pick? Let us know on Twitter @BTSRadioUK or Facebook.

Heartbeat chosen by ARMY

Michayla - ‘Heartbeat’ is possibly my favourite song on the BTS World OST album. The song is beautiful and the MV is visually stunning. This is a hopeful song because it is about the relationship between BTS and ARMY and we all know the inspiration provided by both sides. BTS World is a game of hope, where the characters realise their dreams. What better message is there to take with you into 2020 than the one that encourages you to aim high and know that BTS and fellow ARMYs, will be with you.

Cheryl - So Heartbeat won the poll this week. What I personally like about the song are the duets that take place in the song. I believe they compliment their voices so beautifully and add a depth to the emotions of the song.

My favourite lyrics are:

‘Coming across you is like a TV drama created by the universe (Yeah)
So many wanderings, being lost endlessly
It was you who led me through the labyrinth
You’re my light and salvation
The rain is coming close to an end and I won’t let go of your hand’

Charlie - Heartbeat is like a new year's firework. It starts out small, with softly sung lyrics that keep me hanging onto every word as I know it is still building up to something bigger, despite its beauty. The chorus is a complete burst of hope and joy, and when I hear it I can feel warmth and see brightness even if it's a cold or dull day. The raps storm in and command my attention, and the whole song does not have a single part that fails to bring me up when I feel down. As expected from a soundtrack song, it has a cinematic feel to it and is a fitting song to encapsulate the weight of a new year. 

Serendipity - Cheryl 

Jimin’s Serendipity is such a deep sensual love song.

Serendipity means ”the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way”  according to the Oxford Dictionary. This song illustrates those words and paints the picture beautifully.

Jimin sings: 
‘All this is no coincidence
Just, just, by my feeling
The whole world is different from yesterday
Just, just, with your joy ‘ 

This shows the beneficial way he is feeling joy because of the development of events that lead to this relationship and how the world he is experiencing now is different from the one yesterday.

He also sings about the blooming of a flower and I have noticed there are a lot of references to flowers in the BTS repertoire of songs - picking blue flowers (Truth Untold) flowers that cannot be bloomed (Fake Love), flowers bloom again (Spring Day) and I’m sure there are many more.

The song is about the feeling of loving someone and the worries that something will cause the feelings to end.

He sings:
‘As much as my heart flutters, I’m worried
The destiny is jealous of us
Just like you I’m so scared’

It’s also about two persons becoming one as he sings: “You are me, I am you.”  Also about how the love from someone can have healing powers: “You’re my penicillin, saving me, saving me”.

“You are me, I am you” reminds me of the many sayings of BTS like our pride is ARMYs pride, our happiness is ARMYs happiness etc.

What could compliment the song even more - how about the many videos of Jimin dancing to it - he is such a fluid, creative, beautiful dancer - he makes it look effortless!

Euphoria - Michayla

It is no secret amongst the Spotify team and many who know me, that ‘Euphoria’ is one of my favourite BTS songs and the list of reasons is quite lengthy. 

My love for the song started from the moment I heard it, I fell in love with the melody and the beautiful sound of Jungkook’s voice. As I listened to ‘Euphoria’ I realised the calm and happiness that I felt and it became my ‘go to’ song during times of stress and anxiety.

When I saw ‘Euphoria’ performed at the O2 in October 2018, Jungkook was limited to a chair due to his injury but it certainly did not affect the overall effect of this powerful song. On both nights I was reduced to tears and one part in particular will stay in my memory forever. My Daughter and I were stood, side by side and she reached for my hand during the chorus, just one of many very special memories I have:

Take my hands now
You are the cause of my euphoria’

This song is so very special and I didn’t think it was possible for me to love it any more than I already did but I was proved wrong during the Speak Yourself tour when Jungkook took to the sky and sang whilst flying around the stadium. The sheer joy and happiness on his face really touched my heart and as I go into 2020 I will take this song and the memories it has given me, with me.

Namjoon described ‘Euphoria’ perfectly:

‘It’s kind of a magical song. “Euphoria” puts you in a euphoric state’

Reflection - Charlie

New Year's is about reflecting on the year you've had, and how you'll improve in the year to come. This is magnified for the end of 2019, because we have a whole year to reflect on to ensure that we are good to ourselves in the decade to come. Therefore, Reflection is a fitting song to join you in moments of contemplation. 

Reflection is Namjoon's solo from Wings, and one of the songs that just stands out to me as very Wings-esque and transports me to cold days at the end of the year, walking home in the dark with the volume high on my earphones as I listen to his sincere voice and words and decide on which parts of them are relevant to me. Namjoon did call this a perfect song to listen to outside in the cold, so I definitely recommend it for this time of year. 

"In the darkness
People look happier than the day
Everyone else knows where they’re supposed to be
But only I walk without purpose
But still, blending in with them is more comfortable
Dduksum, which has swallowed up the night
Hands me an entirely different world"

The mood of the song is highlighted at the beginning, when we hear background noise of everyday chatter and mundane outdoor life of Dduksum, where Namjoon wrote the song. The noise is what he recorded at the island, so I feel closer to him and his thoughts and what led him to write this song when I focus and listen. The start of the song, when I first listen to the music after this short segment, immediately puts me into the zone - an emotional zone where I feel free to reflect on anything that has disappointed me lately. 

The song is melancholy, with sad lyrics of sometimes hating yourself and needing to reflect on bad times. Namjoon says that when this happens, he goes to Dduksum to reflect and ponder on things. Although this image of a thoughtful Kim Namjoon, wrapped up warm on a chilly island, writing beautiful songs for us, is nice at first, the lyrics are quite hard-hitting and remind me of the importance of taking care of yourself all-year-round so you can end the year without too many regrets. 

"I want to caress myself
But you know, sometimes 
I really really hate myself
To be honest, quite often 
I really hate myself 
When I hate myself, I go to Dduksum
I just stand there with the familiar darkness 
With the people that are smiling" 

That year may have ended with dark lyrics, but the next year started with the Wings tour, when ARMY chanted "We love you!" to a Namjoon repeating the final lines of the song, that he wished he could love himself. And speaking of loving oneself, this song reminds me of new years and new beginnings as it is in such a big contrast to Love, Namjoon's solo of the Love Yourself series. Because in order to step into a new year with new thoughts and resolutions, you have to consider your past and the hard times. 

Add the New Year's playlist on Spotify at the following link: A New Year 


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